Meghan Secures Lakewood Firefighter’s Endorsement

Meghan F. George has secured another important endorsement in her campaign for Lakewood City Council At Large.  Lakewood Firefighters Local 382, representing about 80 firefighter/emergency medical technicians has joined Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 25 in supporting her campaign.

“I am pleased to have the support of Lakewood’s hard working firefighters, and honored to have the confidence they have placed in me.  The endorsement of  Lakewood Police and now Lakewood Firefighters demonstrates both groups believe it is more than empty campaign rhetoric when I pledge to fight for resources, funding and training to maintain and enhance the already high level of service both provide.” said candidate George.

George, a lifelong Lakewood resident and homeowner on Wyandotte Avenue, has pledged to make safety first among the issues she intends to address during the campaign.

“My pledge is to continue and to increase the high level of Lakewood city services, provide open and honest government, address traffic congestion, enhance senior services and strengthen our building code enforcement.”  she said.

“I intend work hard and to make it my point to renew old friendships and to get out and meet as many Lakewood residents as possible prior to this November’s election.” she said.

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