Meghan f. George

“Lakewood deserves top notch representation, especially at the executive level, and I believe I am the best candidate for the job.”

Meghan George is a third-generation Lakewood resident, committed to putting people first in every area of leadership.

As a representative on city council, Meghan has worked to prioritize the people of Lakewood consistently, from overturning discriminatory policies to protecting public resources. People have also been the center of her career, as a consultant on human resources for companies throughout Ohio.

Meghan will bring valuable experience to the office of mayor. She will work for the people of Lakewood, on safety, quality public services, continued improvement of our housing stock, fiscal responsibility, and smart development of our commercial corridors.

Lakewood is ready for a fresh perspective and positive vision, backed up by practical knowledge about executive responsibility. Meghan George is ready to realize this people-first vision, as our next mayor.

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