Building our Post-Pandemic Future

Dear Residents of Lakewood and Members of Lakewood City Council

It is my privilege to present you with the City of Lakewood’s 2022 proposed balanced budget, reflecting our community vision, values, and priorities while also remaining fiscally responsible and seizing the opportunity to take on transformative projects that improve the quality of life for our residents. We look forward to a bright future as we finish landmark 2021 projects while introducing unique quality of life projects for 2022 and beyond.

Public Safety & Human Services

Community Center at Cove Church/Clean Water Act Project: By spring 2022, this historic building will serve as Lakewood’s new community center and the headquarters of the Department of Human Services. Meanwhile, planning and development continues on a portion of this property dedicated to the City’s Integrated Wet Weather Improvement Plan for stormwater management compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

Fire Station 2: Construction will be completed in the spring of 2022 on this historic century-old building that meets today’s modern standards for fire apparatus and makes exhaust improvements that keep our first responders safe from harmful diesel exhaust carcinogens. The updated facility also provides our first female firefighter hired in 2021 with new quarters to accommodate an increasingly diverse workforce.

Parks & Public Spaces

Foster Pool: Efforts in 2021 to engage the community have led to a plan that will upgrade Foster Pool by addressing long-term maintenance issues, resolve severe water loss from leakage, and incorporate new features that create a useful and friendly environment for intergenerational users.

Parks & Fields: A momentous agreement with the Lakewood City School District provides for long overdue and necessary improvements to baseball fields, beginning with Kauffman and Foxx Parks in 2022.

Lakewood Pier: Planning work begins as we explore establishing a public access multi-use pier, allowing residents to fully enjoy and experience the wonders of Lakewood’s scenic location on the shores of Lake Erie.

Services and Community Priorities

EV Charging Stations: The City continues to add EV charging stations at strategic locations to meet the growing demand of our residents and visitors with environmentally friendly noncombustion engines.

ADA and HVAC Improvements: City-owned buildings will begin a multi-year effort to complete upgrades to our HVAC systems that improve efficiency, save energy and costs, and improve air quality while reducing the presence of airborne pathogens that have characterized this COVID era. We will also address facility needs that will better accommodate those with disabilities and meet statutory guidelines.

Despite COVID’s financial challenges, we again expect to finish the 2021 fiscal year in a strong financial position, and I remain confident that we will work through any financial challenges that may arise in 2022 and beyond. I close with special thanks to our department directors that worked closely with our award-winning finance team to judiciously allocate limited resources that will make a difference in the lives of Lakewood residents. Let’s keep building. Our progress is visible!