About Meghan George

Meghan George has the most professional and diverse experience in the race for mayor, by nearly a decade.

A Lakewood Story

Lakewood has been Meghan George’s home for nearly 38 years. A third-generation resident, she grew up on Rosalie Avenue, and attended St. Luke Elementary School and Lakewood High School.

Meghan began shouldering management responsibilities more than 20 years ago, working for Lakewood’s Rec Department each summer. The lessons of those years—treating people fairly, leading by example and sustaining a strong team—have remained guiding principles.

An Educator and Mentor

After graduating from LHS, Meghan earned a degree from The Ohio State University, focused on education. She also holds a secondary social studies teaching license and post-bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University

Meghan spent three years at Harding Middle School, teaching in a para-professional capacity, as well as coaching and volunteering.

Workforce Strategy Expertise

Within the private sector, Meghan has earned practical knowledge of executive responsibilities. Currently she is a consultant to large organizations throughout Ohio, advising them on employee benefits and human resources. (Her employer has been consistently recognized as a World’s Most Ethical Company.)

Meghan helps employers meet their workforce’s needs while reducing costs, remaining compliant with labor regulations, and planning for the future.

Committed to the community

As an At-Large City Council representative for all of Lakewood, Meghan has worked to enhance public safety, city services and preserve our community’s unique heritage. She is dedicated to serving the residents of Lakewood and making this the best place for families of every kind.

“I always think of the residents, and how our decisions impact them.”