AFSCME endorses Meghan George

Our campaign continues to gain momentum with the support of AFSCME Council 8 which represents over 150 Lakewood City workers.

AFSCME Council 8 (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) representing more than 80,000 working men and women throughout Lakewood and Ohio, formally endorsed our campaign for Mayor of Lakewood. These hard-working members perform the daily services of our schools, cities, counties, state universities, townships, and libraries.

The AFSCME endorsement will be shared with all of its active and retired members. Additionally, AFSCME is encouraging its grassroots membership to support our campaign for Mayor of Lakewood. 

In its endorsement, AFSCME leadership stated, “We wish you every success and look forward to working with you in the future for the betterment of Ohio.”

“Administrations come and go, but the hard-working employees of Lakewood are the backbone our residents rely upon year in year out, decade after decade. I am deeply appreciative of the support of these hard-working employees.”

This support comes on the heels of the endorsement of the Cement Masons Local 404 among others. These endorsements clearly demonstrate our focus on high quality city services. In addition, we continue to advocate for quality senior programs, addressing traffic congestion, housing code enforcement, as well as smart, thoughtful development of our commercial corridors.