Our campaign is complete; new work begins

Thank you to all who supported our campaign on the way to a successful, new beginning.

Voters have honored me with election to be Lakewood’s next mayor. I’m excited to serve full-time and begin moving our community forward.

Bringing this community together will be my mission over the next four years. I’m thrilled for the support I have, but there’s a lot of work to be done.

And I’m so proud of my campaign. Anyone who has worked on a political campaign knows that it’s a team effort. And there’s no way I could’ve done what I did without each and every one of my supporters. We needed every single vote, so every phone call, every yard sign, every piece of literature left on a door handle made a difference.

My commitment to Lakewood

The most important endorsement in this year’s election is yours, the voter’s.

Lakewood can count on me as mayor to work hard, and to bring to this office a combination of local government experience, and extensive professional experience.

I ask the honor of your vote on November 5 for:

  • Transparency, honesty and integrity.
  • An inclusive 360-degree approach to problem-solving.
  • Prosperity shared by all neighborhoods.

Achieving 100% renewable energy for Lakewood

As a candidate for mayor, I have committed to place the city of Lakewood on course for 100% renewable energy by 2040. I have had every hope that we can come in ahead of that deadline, but doing so depends on more than the city’s mayor alone.

So I applaud my at-large colleagues’ introduction of a resolution committing the city to a target of 2035 for 100% renewable energy, based on the recommendation and expertise of the Sierra Club.

There is growing evidence that a swift transition to renewable energy is practical. Just last week, in fact, I saw and shared a Barron’s article to this effect. Strong support from city council is exactly what we will need to set and meet the goal of 100% renewable energy even before 2040.

Council’s support for this resolution on Monday is welcome news. I hope future councils will remain supportive, as our city confronts this challenge and opportunity in years ahead.