New Labor Endorsements

It is such an honor to announce that we have been endorsed by the Teamsters Ohio D.R.I.V.E. and BCTGM Workers Local 19.

These important labor organizations represent thousands throughout the region and will be a strong ally in fighting for working families in Lakewood.

Thank you for your support and trust.

Our campaign’s complete list of endorsements now features:

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Community Activist: Meghan George is open and honest

Trudy Hutchinson is a Lakewood resident, volunteer, citizen journalist, and a activist for the environment and making politics about people not money.

Trudy is canvassing her neighbors for Meghan George, and recently wrote a letter to the editor about why:

Trudy Hutchinson

…while Lakewood residents express a high level of awareness of local issues, there is a wide range of opinions on direction and goals. It is this diversity of positions on issues that guides my choice of Meghan George for Mayor. Meghan George, who currently serves as At-Large City Council Member, is well-suited to the position of Mayor because she is open and honest in her current representation of Lakewood citizens

Meghan George will lead on complex issues. She has the insight to identify the delicate balance between commercial growth and residential interests and redevelopment and historic preservation. Meghan George has the ability to review the day-to-day functions of City operations. She has the experience to apply a 360-degree view of City operations and close gaps that exist in city services. 

Read the entire letter online.

Signs of fall

Voting begins next week, and it’s so encouraging to see the signs of support for our campaign—including the literal signs outside Lakewood homes and local businesses.

We have had to order more signs to meet demand, so if you would like one or more, let us know online.

Safety Requires A 360 Degree Approach

Public safety and fiscal responsibility should always be top priorities of local government. Without a city that is fundamentally safe, and responsible with its finances, we simply do not have the ability to reinvest in parks, infrastructure, or other needs, because safety is a bedrock necessity of any dynamic community. As a nearly 38-year resident of Lakewood, I am committed to supporting the topnotch personnel we have working to maintain that foundation.

My professional experience in helping CEOs structure their businesses has taught me to look at solutions in a 360 degree manner. From the immediately apparent—by ensuring we reinvest in our shooting range so that our officers remain prepared and well-equipped—to understanding that safety includes making sure our streets are designed for children walking to school as much as for the hard working parent commuting to their job.

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