Signs of fall

Voting begins next week, and it’s so encouraging to see the signs of support for our campaign—including the literal signs outside Lakewood homes and local businesses.

We have had to order more signs to meet demand, so if you would like one or more, let us know online.

Safety Requires A 360 Degree Approach

Public safety and fiscal responsibility should always be top priorities of local government. Without a city that is fundamentally safe, and responsible with its finances, we simply do not have the ability to reinvest in parks, infrastructure, or other needs, because safety is a bedrock necessity of any dynamic community. As a nearly 38-year resident of Lakewood, I am committed to supporting the topnotch personnel we have working to maintain that foundation.

My professional experience in helping CEOs structure their businesses has taught me to look at solutions in a 360 degree manner. From the immediately apparent—by ensuring we reinvest in our shooting range so that our officers remain prepared and well-equipped—to understanding that safety includes making sure our streets are designed for children walking to school as much as for the hard working parent commuting to their job.

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Preserving historic architecture

Statement at Sept. 3 meeting of Lakewood City Council:

After multiple hearings with input from neighbors and the community at-large, the Architectural Board of Review recently approved the demolition of a structurally sound 1923 home to make way new construction proposed by the property owner. I have been following this matter with great interest. While I appreciate the thoughtful changes that have been made to the new home over the course of multiple hearings and the responsiveness of the homeowner and builder, I remain concerned that the Lakewood Codified Ordinances simply makes it too easy for homeowners to take the path of demolition rather than preservation.

The unique character and high property values of our City are tremendously influenced by our historic and irreplaceable housing stock. LCO Section 1133.09 allows for the demolition of a residential ho me built before 1945 if its replacement is approved by ABR as consistent with the design of the neighborhood. However, the section also explicitly states that “the City encourages conservation, preservation, redevelopment, and revitalization of residential neighborhoods to preserve their unique environments and for the public welfare of the City.”

I perceive inconsistency in LCO Section 1133.09 and would like to open up this conversation more broadly in a committee of Council’s choosing.

– Meghan F. George

Laborers Local 860 and Matriots endorse Meghan George

It is evident that working people in Lakewood are choosing Councilwoman Meghan George. Whether it’s service workers, skilled trades, or construction laborers, they trust in mature, professional experience to protect their interests and to fight for their right to fair wages!

This week Laborers Local 860 joined their partners across Ohio to back Meghan F. George for Mayor and we are so appreciative of the support.

This endorsement follows the announcement that “The Matriots is proud to endorse 10 more smart and community driven women running for city offices!” Matriots formed to elect more Ohio women to public office who will promote a healthy economy in which women can thrive and prosper, and their endorsement is another considerable honor.

With national progressive organization Our Revolution also endorsing the campaign this week, momentum is building for a candidate who the community can trust to represent all residents.

Thank you!