We’re with Charlie

Our campaign is very glad to have the approval of Charlie the pit bull (and many of his 2-legged friends).

Photo by Greg Murray

I am proud of helping reform Lakewood’s outdated and unfair dog laws. Under the previous rules, Charlie and other dogs could be banned from the city based only on breed/appearance, even if they did no wrong. After studying the issue, I committed as a council candidate to support breed-neutral dog laws. With support from Lakewood voters, I was able to work within city council to help make that happen.

Along the way, I got to know some wonderful people in the popular “I’m With Charlie” campaign, including Jen Scott (whose home Charlie shares) and Greg Murray. It’s wonderful to have their support for our campaign

A vote for Meghan is a vote for the people of Lakewood and the transparency we deserve.

Greg Murray, photographer and activist