Rep. Skindell endorses Meghan George for Mayor

State Representative Michael J. Skindell is endorsing our campaign:

Lakewood has allowed me the honor to serve our community as an elected leader for nearly two decades, first on city council and now in the Ohio legislature. This November our city will make an important decision as we elect a new mayor. I encourage Lakewood to join me in supporting 
Meghan George to be our city’s next mayor.

Meghan will bring valuable qualifications and maturity to this office. Just as she has done on city council, she will represent our community with integrity, honesty and dignity. Most important of all, Meghan George will put Lakewood residents first, and stand up to big developers and other special interests.

I wholeheartedly endorse Meghan George for mayor of Lakewood. 

State Representative Michael J. Skindell

Rep. Skindell is a dedicated public servant for Lakewood, advocating for seniors, for equality and fairness, for our environment, for all the things we value,” says George. “He has earned residents’ trust again and again. I am honored to earn his formal endorsement.