Safety Requires A 360 Degree Approach

Public safety and fiscal responsibility should always be top priorities of local government. Without a city that is fundamentally safe, and responsible with its finances, we simply do not have the ability to reinvest in parks, infrastructure, or other needs, because safety is a bedrock necessity of any dynamic community. As a nearly 38-year resident of Lakewood, I am committed to supporting the topnotch personnel we have working to maintain that foundation.

My professional experience in helping CEOs structure their businesses has taught me to look at solutions in a 360 degree manner. From the immediately apparent—by ensuring we reinvest in our shooting range so that our officers remain prepared and well-equipped—to understanding that safety includes making sure our streets are designed for children walking to school as much as for the hard working parent commuting to their job.

As a part of this approach, last year I approved the purchase of additional digital speedometers to address speeding on our side streets, however there is definitely more we can do. We need to be active in responding to the changing traffic on Lakewood streets, including bike traffic.

I support having bike lanes more clearly marked by identifying them with green paint, as one step in improving how these recent additions fit alongside other traffic. I will also work collaboratively with NOACA and our legislators in Columbus to secure funding to create protected lanes for greater motorist and cyclist protections.

As the campaign for mayor draws toward autumn, I will discuss more goals of a George administration. I look forward to conversations at the door and at our community events. This is something you can count on from a Mayor George: a mayor who listens to her community first, works to build consensus, then executes that vision.