A thoughtful, 360-degree approach to solution building

I’ve lived in Lakewood for nearly 38 years and one thing I know is that we have top notch first responders, and we must build on this strength. As mayor I’ll bring a more comprehensive approach to what it means to create a secure Lakewood.

Enforcement of our traffic laws will be a top priority of the George administration, so that families feel safe whether they are crossing the street, riding their bike, or walking their children through the neighborhood.

As part of this comprehensive approach, I will ensure our service department has updated equipment for road maintenance and snow removal as well as updated technology to meet the demands of our 100 year old infrastructure.

Additionally, it means evaluating how we can support the building department in taking a proactive approach that encourages out-of-town landlords to be responsible to the community as a whole through improved property management.

A thriving future in Lakewood is going to take a 360-degree approach to public safety and solution building. As an experienced business professional, I help CEO’s build their teams using this approach on a daily basis. With your help, it is an approach I’ll bring to city hall as Lakewood’s next mayor.

Please vote for Meghan George for mayor on November 5th, thank you!